The Up Light

$ 49.99

Model: UPL-9CA01A   UPC: 861110000201

Wake up happy to a gentle sunrise or fall asleep to restful light in the evenings, The Up Light turns your lamp into the ultimate sunrise and sunset simulator while providing perfect lighting throughout the day! The Up Light installs easily into your lamp with a change of a light bulb and can create up to 16 million different colors of light to perfectly match your mood!

The Up Light Smart Bulb plugs into your lamp and is controlled by your iOS or Android smart phone (must support Bluetooth 4.0) through the FREE Up Light app download. Lamp and smart phone not included. 

Key Features:

  • Turn your bedside lamp into a wake-up light and wake naturally
  • Customize sunrise/sunset simulation from as short as 1min to 2 hours or more
  • Control brightness and color temperature directly from your phone
  • Wake up to any song or ringtone on your smartphone
  • Removes blue light in the evenings to facilitate melatonin production
  • Full color mood lighting with customizable presets
  • Sync to music playing on your phone or any Bluetooth speaker
  • Built-in Day/Week timers and passcode protection for security
  • Group multiple bulbs for easy access
  • Energy Saving LED - uses only 9W
  • Simple setup - no hubs, wifi connections, or any other accessories to buy
  • Long Life - lasts up to 20 years!

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