Web MD: 10 Ways to Reset Your Sleep Schedule Posted on 4 Feb 02:20

Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night and then hard to wake up in the morning? Chances are, you may have a delayed sleep phase - which basically means that your sleep schedule is off. 

How did that happen? Well, it could be a lot of reasons, but it's possible that your body adjusted from sleeping late several nights in a row. But how do we fix it?  Check out this article on Web MD that gives 10 Ways to Reset Your Sleep Schedule - guess what's #1? 

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ABC News: Morning People Get Better Grades Posted on 4 Feb 02:12

While night owls may have better stories in the short run to tell, the study reported by ABC News found that college students who are "morning people" tend to get better grades. What's even more interesting is that while we all thought you're simply born a night person, you can actually train your body to become a morning person! How? You guessed, with light... 

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National Geographic: How Light Wakes Up the Brain Posted on 4 Feb 00:40

So you may be wondering, how does The Up Light work? Well, turns out, our eyes have special receptors that dedicated to absorb light to properly set our circadian clock! By gradually feeding light to these receptors in the morning, The Up Light starts waking your body up stress free and without you even knowing it. 

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